Estate Planning

You’ve worked hard to accumulate assets and a strong financial base.  AdvisorySouth can help you design a comprehensive estate plan to preserve your wealth and your legacy for your family and heirs.  We will help assure that you have the appropriate documents and strategies in place to direct your property, assets, life insurance and items of significance to the people you care about.  We can assemble a team for you that would include an  attorney and tax advisor or trust officer.  Afterward, ongoing monitoring of your plan is critical to address any family, beneficiary, financial or health changes that occur later.  In some cases, if your net worth exceed certain thresholds, we can provide you with estimates for state and federal government taxes that might be applicable at your or your spouse’s deaths.  Additional planning helps to minimize tax exposure for your heirs through trusts, charitable giving, life insurance or other measures while you maintain control over your property and assets.  We don’t practice law or provide tax advice but we do help you evaluate your situation and legacy needs so you are fully prepared to make the right decisions and execute them with your advisors.