Investment Management

Today, innovation is critical to continued investment success. Our investment philosophy embraces traditional wisdom, while it also reflects recent advances in portfolio construction theory that respond to new market realities.  Risk tolerance, not return expectation, is the beginning basis for investment decisions.  We have found that diversification among asset classes and institutional portfolio managers can enhance your total portfolio results and help to control risk across all market cycles.

Ongoing monitoring and review of results and consistency are also critical in sustaining your successful portfolio.  AdvisorySouth puts great emphasis on our comprehensive investment discipline, ongoing monitoring, and most of all, we will always be careful to listen to you.

In summary, we take an active approach to helping you manage, protect and grow your wealth. We know that you’ve worked hard for what you have, so we work with you to coordinate all aspects that contribute to your wealth – your financial, retirement and estate plan, funding your children’s education, business succession and your investments.  We work with you to understand and analyze your situation and offer solutions to help keep every aspect of wealth working toward your financial goals.