Retirement Plan Consulting and Design

Defined Benefit and Cash Balance Pension Plans offer a special opportunity for business owners and highly compensated management to benefit from larger tax-advantaged contributions than those permitted in a 401(k) plan.

These plans are more complex and require actuarial administration. However, the plan limits may be much higher and offer significant tax-advantaged accumulation benefits. Many clients have found AdvisorySouth’s experience and expertise in this area to be very valuable.

The operation of retirement plans is dramatically different today than past years.  401(k) and 403(b) plan requirements have evolved and complexity has increased significantly. 

We work as your independent consultant, providing experience and expertise with fiduciary plan governance, plan operation efficiency, vendor management, benchmarking and cost controls, plan design, investment fund quality and defining participant outcomes and results.  This helps assure that your retirement plan is effective and successful. 

We serve as co-fiduciary with you.  We utilize safe harbor provisions to help you gain protection from personal liability as plan fiduciary.

We are your advocate. We work to defend your plan against operational challenges and help your employees embrace financial wisdom and healthy savings habits.

Our service team is knowledgeable and extremely responsive.  We never push you to a 1-800 line for answers.  We get the answers for you.  Fast.

If you own a small business, we can help you establish a professionally managed retirement plan for you and your employees with end-to-end administration; select investments for a range of goals and provide our consulting expertise.  This will enable you to attract and retain the top-notch employees you seek in your business.