Insurance Protection

Protecting your financial future is key.  Understanding the insurance you need means taking a deeper look at your situation because unexpected life events can interrupt even the most detailed plans for your family or your business.   We can analyze your current insurance policies and see how they align with your finances and long-term goals to make recommendations.  You want to ensure that you have the means to take care of yourself, your family or your business if something should happen to you.  Our efforts seek more efficient sources of capital for you that will fund estate tax obligations, business and family cash flow needs, if you have an event such as death or disability.

AdvisorySouth is totally independent and therefore not predisposed to products that may be pushed by others in this industry. We have access to more carriers and leverage to obtain favorable underwriting for our clients. We typically find ways to improve plan design and techniques to minimize tax exposure and potential financial abuse by beneficiaries.

We safeguard families’ health and financial information; help enhance trustees’ role and monitoring responsibility and we are often able to improve results when insurance underperformance is revealed.