Retirement Income Planning

Today’s retirement isn’t your parent’s retirement.  Back then, employers and government partnered to provide a combination of pension and social security that usually took care of everything.  They were less dependent on personal assets. Now, we have 401(k) instead of pensions.  Social Security feels a little less secure.  Your retirement income has largely become your responsibility.  You don’t know how long your retirement will last.  It’s not uncommon today to see people live 20, 30 or even 40 years in retirement.  Prices continue to go up and investing your retirement assets is more confusing than ever.  You have to figure out how to maintain inflation adjusted retirement income for a long period of time.

The advisors at AdvisorySouth have a comprehensive, structured approach for managing your assets in retirement.  You can expect to sleep better at night regardless of market volatility. We divide your retirement into a number of bite-sized time periods.  We use risk alignment and diversification to build your investment mix and help to assure that your inflation-adjusted income, both now and through your retirement years, will be assured.  Our strategy helps time in the market work for you, not against you.  Our rigorous structure for beginning and then monitoring your process makes it simple for you.  You will always know exactly where you stand financially and what to expect looking forward.  If you have life changes, we can adjust for that, too.